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Policies & Procedures


The MVPE uniform helps students to participate in physical activity to their fullest. It consists of black shorts and an ash colored T-shirt. Both garments have a name label for identification. Every student should also keep a sweatshirt and/or sweatpants in their PE locker for cooler days. Socks and any type of athletic shoe that provides adequate ankle support are required. School clothes must not be worn under the PE uniform. Any student unable to purchase a uniform should speak to their teacher and arrangements will be made to assist them. Students may not wear any part of the Monte Vista PE uniform in any classes other than physical education.

Each student will be provided with a small PE locker to keep their uniform and personal items. A combination lock must be purchased from the PE department for $7.00. This lock has a pass key entry on the back that can be opened by their PE teacher in case of emergency.

If your child needs to purchase a lock or uniform during the year please see Mrs. Springgate or Mrs. Bittner.

Uniform prices:
T-shirt $8
Shorts $12
Lock $7
Sweats $15 (sweats must be pre-ordered at the beginning of the school year)
Protect your belongings. Do not give your combination to anyone.


Loaners are available so that each student can come to class prepared and dressed appropriately for activity. Students who forget their uniform must request to borrow loaners before the teacher leaves the locker room. Loaners are a privilege and students must present their ID card or agenda in order to check out loaners. Borrowing a uniform is supposed to be an unusual event, excessive use of Loaners show poor work habits.


A note from home or your doctor is required to be excused from participating in class activities. A note does not excuse a student from attending class, dressing out, or participating in modified warm-ups that he/she can safely complete. A note from a parent will be honored for that day. If you would like your student to have an inhaler with him/her in class they need to have the appropriate self-medication forms completed with Mrs. Gascon, our school Health Tech.


Make-ups are available for students who have excessive absence or medicals. Students have the option of writing a one-page typed paper on a teacher assigned topic. If a student would like to do the mile make-up arrangements must be made with the student's teacher beforehand.